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Mr. William Mook
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Address: 57a Nayland Street.
Products/Services: LSO 380 CST, LSO 180 CST, Crude Oil, Plastics, Natural Gas
Website: wind-surfer.org

Company Introduction

I am not a buyer of fuel liquids. Nor, am I a trader of fuel liquids. I manufacture fuel liquids in the manner described here;


Following the UN Climate change meeting in Paris this past December, we are offering only fuel liquids made from atmospheric CO2.

4 H2O + solar energy --> 4 H2 + 2 O2

We first collect rain water and sunlight and break the water into hydrogen and oxygen.
We next take the hydrogen and use it to absorb CO2 making CH4 in the process.

CO2 + 4 H2 --> CH4 + 2 H2O

We then thake the CH4 and process it further to offer any of the following;

(1) CH4 directly (natural gas)
(2) fuel liquids made from CH4 (light crude oil products and fuel gases such as propane)
(3) carbon produced from pyrolitic conversion of methane.
(4) plastic precursors (CH2 and its analogs)

These fuels are 100% carbon neutral. They also have no sulphur, mercury, or other pollutants making them 100% pure.

We offer all these for future delivery in 36 months at market rates to those who sign a 30 year contract for at least 10,000 bpd oil equivalent, with one month's fee. (see attached document) We have capacity for 60 contracts of 10,000 bpd each.