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trading company
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Mr. ilya pasyokov
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Company Introduction

"Astor beauty" - a new brand of cosmetics from the Dead Sea. Cosmetic ka "Astor - beauty" is a natural, high-quality and relatively inexpensive makeup every day. In the production of cosmetics "Astor - beauty", only natural extracts which, in turn, produced using new technology that allows you to save all the useful natural ingredients in its entirety. With daily use of cosmetic tics "Astor - beauty," the result will be visible immediately. This cosmetics really work.

The surface of the Dead Sea is located at around 408 meters below sea level. This is the lowest place on land. The magical power of healing features of the Dead Sea and Aristotle knew, and King Herod and Cleopatra. Dead Sea water contains extremely high

The studies on the market of cosmetic products with Dead Sea minerals have been identified demand, relatively inexpensive, natural and high-quality cosmetics. Cosmetics "Astor beauty" designed to meet this demand.
The advantage of cosmetics "Astor beauty" that was originally in the preparation of creams formulas, pay more attention to the selection of only natural ingredients (plant extracts, vegetable oils and minerals from the Dead Sea), which, in turn, with the right mix gently (no allergic complications) and effective on the skin giving a quick visual effect. All extracts and extracts obtained by the new technology, in which the product is not heated more than 30C degrees during vacuum extraction. The uniqueness of this method is that the resulting extracts and extracts are completely free from impurities remain in the large number of useful components perfectly penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, allowing them to actively work at the cellular level. Also, this method eliminates the use of artificial preservatives and stabilizers containing parabens. In no animal feed formulation, mineral oils, dyes, antibiotics.
All products are certified in the Ministry of Health of Israel, according to European standards, which correspond to the highest international standards.