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Bussiness Type:
trading company, agent, distributor/wholesaler
Annual Revenue:
Year Established:
Contact Person:
Mr. MR.zvika nutes shaked
Total Employees:
Fewer than 5 Employees
Address: 64 Ein Yahav St. Apt. 1, Eilat, Israel.
Products/Services: rice writing, leather cord, suede cord, plain keychains, plain cell phone strip
Website: nameonrice.co.il

Company Introduction

we start writing names on a grain of rice in 1991 from then until today we still ding that.we try to bring to the market new items, many years ago we started to write names on a small sea shell.also we bring the special item its the smaller real rose in the world!!!you must see it to belive.we put the rose with the name on rice inside of a beautifuly glass or plastic vials.the vials are in many shapes like:dolphin,a heart,evil eye,a dove &much more...
after many years we work with the names on rice we want to give a chance for another people to start they own buissiness with the writing names on rice.todat we are sell al the equipment for the rice writing:glass vials,plastic vials,suede cord,leather cord & much more...
also you can find at our place the miniature guitar made from wood,its a hand made the similler like the real guitar but,smaller,its about 20 cm high its come on a small stand.there are also a miniature keychain guitar.in the guitars there are many colors &disignes like:gibson,fender bass,iron bord,wallrock & many more...
we make also a miniature saxphone made from metal wire.its about 40 cm high its similler like the real one. we have a hair band they are for boys & girls its possible to wear them winter & summer,there are many diferent colors.we have the alpha beit beads,its made from ceramic printed in four sides of the cube,each side is a diferent color is a very beautifuly for childrens.the shops who want to work with this item we have a very nice stand.the ceramic cubes they are in high quality,there are also sunges printed on the to put in the start of the and in the end of the name,like:a hurts,smily,football & more...another alpha beit beads are the metal cubes there are also signes like:smily,a hurt and the signe "&".another unique alpha beit we have is the letters with crystal of svarovski its a onederful present for the teenager.its come on different bracellets,there are also a signes like:a cherry,star,ahurts,dolphin & much more.thet are in very high quality.we have a guitar picks like a necklaces.so you must keep in tuch with us to see whats new!!!
we wish you all best regards,