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Mr. Olle Kjellin
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Address: Brantasa.
Products/Services: Language Learning Methods, Pronunciation Teaching Methods
Website: olle-kjellin.com

Company Introduction

Internationally renowned expert in second language learning and teaching, particularly as concerns pronunciation.
Methods are based on current knowledge of the speech sciences, as well as of neurophysiology, neuropsychology, audiology, etc. And are applicable to any specific language or language learning situation. The Speech Doctor Olle Kjellin himself has about 40 years of experience teaching the Swedish language. But he is fluent in English and Japanese, and fairly fluent in Russian and German, somewhat less in French and SerboCroatBosnian. Has also studied Tibetan, Tamil, Tagalog, Tuscarora, Chinese, . . .
He has a rather unique combination of expertise in linguistics, phonetics and medicine. He has a MA in linguistics and modern languages (Stockholm University, 1972) , a PhD / Doctor of Medical Science in Speech Physiology (Faculty of Medicine, Tokyo University, 1976; thesis defended in Japanese) , and is a Medical Doctor (Uppsala University, 1983) with practicing expertise in radiology, particularly of the speech and swallowing apparatus, as well as in memory, learning, and memory disorders (dementia etc. )
The "Speech Doctor" enterprise acts as a consultant giving lectures and workshops for language teachers globally, and producing teaching and learning materials and offering pronunciation "renovation" courses for Swedish language learners.