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Contact Person:
Mr. Jonathan Monin
Total Employees:
11 - 50 Employees
Address: Hutzot Hayotzer 40.
Products/Services: Ultrasonic level sensors, Remote level monitoring, Wireless level monitoring, flood alert, fuel theft prevention
Website: solidat.com

Company Introduction

SOLID APPLIED TECHNOLOGIES LTD. (SolidAT) is a manufacturer of ultrasonic level meters and remote monitoring solutions since year 2000.

The company is operating worldwide with a network of 40 distributors in Europe, Asia, America and Africa. SolidAT also operates through international OEM companies by means of private labeling or dedicated packaging. SolidAT serves system integrators and solution providers in areas such as remote asset management, wastewater control and flood prevention.

Target markets of the company include:
(*) Water and wastewater industries and infrastructures
(*) Chemical and petrochemical industries
(*) Agriculture, food and beverage industries
The products are applied to continuous level measurement in process tanks, storage vessels; out door water pools, rivers, wastewater channels and more.

SolidAT manufacturers, markets and sells three distinct product lines:

(*) SMARTSCAN LINE These systems are two part ultrasonic level meters with sensor separated from the control unit. The separation may be up to 200 meters. SMARTSCAN50 is a robust product for most challenging environments and is the model of choice for many installations. SMARTSCAN50 can be applied to measurement of liquids, solids and open channel flow. SMARTSCAN25 is a long range variant in the SMARTSCAN line for measurements up to 40 meters / 130 ft. All SMARTSCAN models are available with Polypropylene or PVDF sensors. All SMARTSCAN models are available for DC or AC power supply. Outputs for the SMARTSCAN line include analog 4/20mA and optional digital Modbus. SMARTSCAN models also support between two to five relays. The relays may be configured to specific levels and may actuate pumps and similar machinery.

(*) GAUGER line This is a new line supporting two mono block models: GAUGERGSM and GAUGER420. GAUGERGSM is an innovative ultrasonic level meter integrated with cellular modem. GAUGERGSM is intended for remote monitoring projects. Advanced software in this system is designed to identify alarming events (theft, refilling, 25% empty) and immediately notify the control center over a GSM network. Alerts and periodic reports are transmitted by SMS or by GPRS messages. GAUGER420 is expected to be launched in 2011 with new features and performance aimed for industrial plants use. With GAUGERGSM, SolidAT offers cellular based wireless level monitoring solutions (M2M) for applications such as remote site fuel tank management and underground sewer monitoring.

(*) MONOSCAN line. These are ultrasonic level meters of the mono block construction with integrated sensor and control unit. MONOSCAN models are of the 2 wire type where electrical feed and analog output are multiplexed on the same two wires. The range of the high end model in this line is 15 meters / 49 ft. All models are available with Polypropylene sensor or PVDF sensor for highly corrosive environment. Some models are certified for use in highly explosive atmospheres including ATEX zone 0 and FM Div 1. MONOSCAN supports liquid, solids and open channel flow applications.

For Open Channel Flow Applications (MONOSCAN and SMARTSCAN50 models) a large variety of flumes and weirs are supported including structures made to metric and US units. Some of the models support totalization alongside flow.

The manufacturing plants of the company are ISO certified and Ex certified. Detailed information can be viewed in the web site: www.soldAT.com. The company holds a manufacturing capacity of thousands of systems per month. Most models are available for sampling within 2/3 days. Customer support department is manned by a group of expert engineers with experience in numerous installations. The R&D team is continuously working on improvements and new features.

Additional information about the company and products can be found on our web site: www.solidAT.com
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