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Bussiness Type:
Annual Revenue:
Year Established:
Contact Person:
Mr. Moises Martin
Total Employees:
Fewer than 5 Employees
Address: c.Zurbano 45 - 1.
Products/Services: gypsum, coal, alfalfa
Website: one-oath.org

Company Introduction

International brokerage of:
* Bulk commodities (in ,000s MTs)
* Containerized goods (MOQ 20 FCL)
* Equipment (MOQ USD 250,000).

Only Direct Providers, End Buyers or authorised representatives of such (other brokers, excuse). No LOI, NCND, SWIFT, BCL, ICPO... applies.

Only procedures allowed:
* CISG, UNIDROIT for contract formation
* INCOTERMS 2010 for deliveries (FAS/FOB/FCA favored)
* UCP600 Transferable ILOC for payments
* ISP98 for Performance Guarantees (never before UCP600 LC)
* Transpact.com Escrow (no other Escrow supported at the moment)
* Top Safest Banks: see Global magazine, Forbes 2000
* Not legally binding Quotations first, then Offer
* Whatever its label, Offer is legally binding when 3 conditions are met:
- addressed personally
- detailed
- express willingness to be bound
* English authenticated written docs for: Offer, Contract, Notifications
* Spanish also, for non-formal communication
* Only internet communications before valid Offer issued and accepted