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czech republic czech republic
Bussiness Type:
trading company
Annual Revenue:
Below US$1 Million
Year Established:
Contact Person:
Mr. Jan Nemec
Total Employees:
Fewer than 5 Employees
Address: .
Products/Services: Original Fruit Brandy
Website: cz1008058258.fm.alibaba.com

Company Introduction

We would like to introduce you the treasure of Czech tradition: Original Fruit Brandy. The Czech Republic is situated in middle of the Europe and as a traditional heart of this continent protects some of the oldest traditions in the world. Production of fruit spirits is a traditional way of handling the fruit in Bohemia and Moravia. In northern Moravia there is mainly the production of apple and plum brandy, because there were good conditions for the production, in particular the lack of quality another fruit. Thanks to the peculiar climatic and soil conditions throughout the area in the past Ullersdorf was nicknamed "North Moravia Fruit Chamber."

Regular consumption of these noble spirits or spirits with the addition of herbs with very beneficial effects on the body and it can be called The Bohemian Tradition. A small amount of fruit alcohol in the morning stimulates digestion and creates a good mood, blood pressure and blood lipid status. Small evening sip promotes peaceful sleep. Commonly known as digestive and antiseptic properties of fruit spirits and their positive effect on the circulatory system.