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Bussiness Type:
Annual Revenue:
Below US$1 Million
Year Established:
Contact Person:
Mr. Mark Williams
Total Employees:
Fewer than 5 Employees
Address: .
Products/Services: FBi Drive - USB storage device with unique software
Website: fbidrive.com

Company Introduction

iTrack is a technology centric company which was started in 2001. iTrack provides technology solutions in the GPS and Locatioon Based Services industry and is distributor of the new internet security device called the FBi Drive.

The FBi Drive is a USB enabled complete standalone Application Device that uses Bio Metric technology to complete secure the Data stored on the device. This means that you can store Run Applications and store Data on the device independent of a PC. The main Application functions are as follows:

Stores ALL URL sites

Under current methods consumers have to store their respective URL sites in the Browser on their PCs. With the FBi Drive you can store all of these URLs on the device itself and so protect them from viewing by others, especially younger members of the family

100% Safe Surfing from any PC

Due to the unique -459 software which runs on the FBi Drive you can surf your favorite web sites from any PC in the world, download any content you desire and save you favorite sites to your bookmark application. As you remove your device NO TRACE OF ANY OF YOUR ACTIVITIES is left behind.

Password Management

Eliminate password problems and protect your identify (just use your fingerprint)! Having access to all your favorite sites is great. But how easy is it to remember all the web site addresses along with the usernames and passwords? Especially when you are not at your own PC. With the FBi Drive and -459 software you can store all your Internet account information, and automatically login at the click of your mouse from your everyday PC or any other Windows PC you plug into! And because your web account information is locked using your fingerprint, you can carry it with confidence.

Email Account Management

Using the -459 Software you can access ALL of you POP3 email accounts on the Internet. Send and Receive emails from the privacy of your very own FBi Drive.

Complete Biometric Security

-459 software controls access to the FBiDrive. Using the fingerprint you register with the drive at installation, your data downloaded or saved to the device, your bookmarks, passwords and important Internet information is protected.