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Company Introduction

I life in Istanbul I have company in Turkey we make tecnical mesurement device and export-import welcome to he-electronics.

Where do we use Ex-Proof gas alarm dedectors?.Gas alarm dedectors can be used in all the places where there is a possibility of gas leakage and bad working conditions(dusty,moist).Provides your security at all these places.It does not get effected by factors like heat and fire,water,oil.With placing the electirical hardware inside the aluminium body ,leakproof property is guaranteed,also against the electrical flares distribution which may cause from the electrical hardware,this hardware is filled with polyurethane.
Usage Area:Industrial type kitchens,heating rooms,central management systems,lpg stations,otels,military ,etc.
Ex-Proof gas dedectors must be mounted 1 meter far from the devices(flash heaters,ovens,oil stations,heating rooms,etc ) which explosive gases (LPG and natural gas ) used.For mounting you can use the screw holes of Ex-Proof gas dedectors.
When mounting the device it should be placed where it will not get effected by the steam and gases (cleaning liquids,polishings,paints,cookings,parfume and deodorant ) that occurs widely.Otherwise false alarms will happen.
There are some important points you should be aware of when mounting the Ex-Proof
Gas dedector;
If you are using LPG in your place,the dedector must be placed close to the floor and it's height must not pass 30 cm,because the LPG is heavier than the air.
If you are using natural gas in your place ,the dedector must be placed to the ceiling and the distance from the ceiling must not pass 30 cm,because the natural gas is lighter than the air.
Formulas and their area of usage
CH4 -One of the main elements of natural gas.This is the gas that caused explosions in coal mines.It is found in the lighter gas around 20%
C2H6- One of the main elements of natural gas
C3H8 -One of the main elements of LPG.It is found in lighter gas around 80%.
CH3CH2OH -Also known as alcohol.It is used in cologne,deodorant and perfumes
C4H10 -It is used in LPG.Also,it is used as lighter gas
H2h -It is used for industrial purposes.