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Bussiness Type:
trading company, agent, business service (transportation, finance, travel, ads, etc)
Annual Revenue:
Below US$1 Million
Year Established:
Contact Person:
Mr. Akira Honda
Total Employees:
5 - 10 Employees
Address: C / O Chisan Next, Iwamotocho Bld. 401, 3-11-8 Iwamotocho.
Products/Services: Japanese daily groceries, Japanese food and beverage, Japanese art and manga, Japanese gifts and folkcraft, Japanese stationery, Japanese Sake, Japanese goods, Japanese rice and water, Japanese icultural products, Japanese retort packed food, Japanese flavoring and
Website: japanesegreats.trustpass.alibaba.com/aboutus.html

Company Introduction

Eclovea K.K. is a Tokyo based trading and business consulting firm. The company mainly operates and manages the following global project called "The Japanese Greats Project" where you can find any Japanese great products.

The Japanese Greats Project

The Japanese Greats Project (JGP) is the first application of the Dream Stylists initiative. The following is a brief outline of one way in which the Dream Stylists can help a product succeed. An individual Dream Stylist proposes a great Japanese product to the other Dream Stylists. The group decides whether or not they want to support that product based on what the proposer says about the product, and what a sampling committee reports. Successful products are presented to a larger group of foreigners at an event. Then the most appropriate products are made available for purchase online in Japan. By that stage the maker of the product can be confident that there is a market for the product among foreigners. What's more, the product is supported by PR materials written by people who really love it, and the maker has access to a group of foreigners who can offer appropriate advice on how to make the product appeal even more strongly to foreign consumers. The ultimate objective: success in the global market! The Dream Stylists can help you make that dream come true.

The Dream Stylists

The Dream Stylists are either Japanese people who have spent time living outside Japan, or foreigners who have lived in Japan for a long time. They are a very diverse group of people, representing a wide range of expertise and experience. But they also have one thing in common: an ability to think about Japan both as insiders and as outsiders. From the perspective of a Japanese company, Dream Stylist services are versatile tools that can be used to "style" many different "dreams" on their path to sustainable success in the real world of the global market.

Adam Fulford - Leader of the Dream Stylists Initiative

For more information about the Japanese Greats Project (JGP) including the Dream Stylists and any great Japanese product you are interested in, please contact the JGP Management Office:

Japanese Greats Project (JGP) Management Office by Eclovea K.K.

JGP Manager - Mr. Akira Honda, President - Eclovea K.K.