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Bussiness Type:
Annual Revenue:
US$1 Million - US$2.5 Million
Year Established:
Contact Person:
Mr. Thierry SOFIA
Total Employees:
11 - 50 Employees
Address: .
Products/Services: Fragrances
Website: concept-aromatique.fr

Company Introduction

Set up in the country of Grasse, the cradle of perfume and fragrances
CONCEPT AROMATIQUE was founded in 1994 as a family business in Grasse, the world"s capital of the perfume industry.
Leveraging the Grasse"s know-how and the state-of-the-art extraction technologies, CONCEPT AROMATIQUE has developed a recognized international expertise in devising, creating and producing of fragrances in the aromatic Industry.
Offering a combination of natural raw materials with synthetic aroma molecules, CONCEPT AROMATIQUE mixes tradition and modernity.
The perfume concentrates thus obtained meets the most subtle requirements of the professionals in the perfume and cosmetics industry.

A trend seekers team to be ahead of your markets
Through the years, CONCEPT AROMATIQUE has developed diversified international markets. Our fragrances reflect the best range of the most diverse international trends in scents and fragrances.
Analyzing the markets, devising and creating new aromatic molecules to fit the emotional evolution of the society, as well as exploring new scents and flavors, CONCEPT AROMATIQUE highly participates on the creation of the olfactive trends.

Innovation as you dream it
Getting ahead your customer desires, CONCEPT AROMATIQUE understands and translates into fragrances your most subtle ideas and creative visions.
CONCEPT AROMATIQUE reserves for each and every customer, the best suited product to their markets through creative and customized product development. Constantly creating new scents, CONCEPT AROMATIQUE has a wide range of off-the-shelf fragrances.
You can benefit of our expertise to pass on to your own customers in order to differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

Creative research plugged on your requirements
Through our team of perfumers, each one an expert on his own domain, CONCEPT AROMATIQUE provides fragrances to the whole of the Perfume and Cosmetics Industry.
CONCEPT AROMATIQUE develops a wide range of fragrances relevant to the everyday environment:
- Perfumes, Eaux de Cologne, Eaux de Toilettes
- Cosmetics, skin-care and moisturizing creams,
- Hair-care products,
- Liquid soaps and soap-based toiletries,
- Industrial and ambiance perfumes

Quality and Regulatory are more than just words
CONCEPT AROMATIQUE ensures rigorous quality control and perfect traceability to all raw materials; likewise, our own suppliers are also answerable to such controls.
The same controls -organoleptical, physicochemical, quadrupole mass spectrometer -qMS- are applied when receiving the raw materials and prior to shipping fragrances.
CONCEPT AROMATIQUE develops its products in strictest compliance with the international standards and regulatory. Our databases are frequently updated and take into account any legislation evolution