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Mr. Mike Crowder
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11 - 50 Employees
Address: 1042 Muddy Creek Rd.
Products/Services: Cobalt Minerals, Cobalt Mine, Cobalt, Cobalt Supplier, Co
Website: NewTechMining.com

Company Introduction

Our company seeks a joint venture partner to develop large scale Cobalt mineral assets. It's quite possible that we are the largest land holder of 100% owned Cobalt mineral claims being held in prime sectors of known or inferred extensions of main past producing Cobalt mines. We are poised for success. We hold 26,000 hectares, that's 64,246 acres and are negotiating more significant sized claims as this is being written. These claims are located in low cost mining regions and in ethical, mine-friendly jurisdictions with good access to infrastructure. The demand for both Lithium and Cobalt exceeds current supply and the price has risen significantly.
We are a privately held USA company and own a second exploration company in a foreign country focused on the acquisition and development of production grade cobalt metal deposits, a critical component to modern day society. Our Company's corporate Vision is to grow into a world-class cobalt mineral exploration company delivering multiple production grade metal deposits through discovery, acquisition and exploration of high quality multi-mineral properties within established mining regions, thereby increasing private investor wealth while maintaining the utmost integrity. We believe we have the potential to be best-in-the-world.
Cobalt supply is already in a deficit. Looking at the state of current cobalt production, there is not enough supply to satiate the coming green revolution and the push by electric vehicles. There are no large scale copper or nickel projects with cobalt by-products poised to break ground in the near future, it will be up to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to shoulder the burden of the supply load moving forward. There is nowhere for cobalt to go but up. Supply from the DRC is nervous and unreliable at best, not to mention the ethical issues of child labor.
Amnesty International is criticizing leading electronics brands for not performing needed diligence to prevent cobalt mined by children from getting into lithium-ion batteries in their products. These companies want to change. We have Cobalt claims in the right location for that change.
Cobalt sourced from the DRC may also warrant scrutiny to ascertain compliance to Dodd-Frank in the USA. Many companies may be forced to source the already under supplied Cobalt elsewhere. Our Cobalt mineral claims solve this issue.
97% of cobalt supply is produced as a by-product of nickel and copper production. Those markets have been depressed resulting in lack of cobalt production initiation and growth. All the while, cobalt demand is growing.
Where are located where direct cobalt mining has occurred in the past with cobalt mineral being the primary mineral.
Why our company?

We have acquired 100% of 3 very large distinct target areas that have potential to be world-class Cobalt deposits.
As an early mover in the cobalt space, our company has acquired 3 of the best available, under-developed, historically high-grade Cobalt prospects in the World.
Potential for high revenues and lower costs, in a relatively shorter period of time exist with our company's Cobalt claims.
If you are looking for a future Cobalt supply then we need to talk.
Furthermore, our company has significant opportunity with rising Cobalt prices by developing high-grade Cobalt resources in politically stable, environmentally responsible, culturally ethical, mining friendly jurisdictions.
Please feel free to contact me using mike at aol.com or mike at newtechmining.com or call me directly in the USA at 1 (423) 323-2396. You may also Text or call my cell phone +1 (423) 340-1223.
P.S We also have Lithium claims.